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In the beginning, there was the “Word.”  I spoke before I could walk & singing came so easily. This was my first air guitar band. I was 8yrs old. I made the guitar, a pencil was the microphone. The poster and drums I think was a group effort. That’s my lil’ sista on drums. Our girlfriend Donna was our hired guitar slinger.  We were the “Love Bugs” circa 1968. The season of protest, Love awareness, the best rock music ever, & psychedelic everything.

We often know as children what we want to do in life. If we receive positive encouragement we can become successful early on.  If we as parents observe our children and nurture their passions & gifts with love , we can be the most awesome mentors & parents that help our children make the most wonderful changes in the world. Music, I’ve heard, is the universal language of the soul .  Thats a pretty amazing way to communicate!

Love, Laugh, Encourage, Sing,

:Deborah ♫


Hola ! Welcome …

Hola !

Welcome to the “grand publishing” of my new music blog !  I’m so exhausted from trying to figure this new site out that I’ll be taking a break now & posting more tomorrow. Rock-a-bye bye baby, g’nite !


:Deborah ❤

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