Did You Know….

           ..that I have an app & You can too ?!   It somehow seems very cool to say, ..I have an “app! ”  And friends and fans will appreciate it too cause its FREE and they can carry you around on their phone and hear your music whenever they like, at the touch of  their fingertips. Free for fans & friends and free for YOU the musician. Its also a great handy dandy resume for showing to venue owners for getting gigs on the spot when you just happened to drop in for free food during happy hour.

        ReverbNation has made it painless, easy and did I mention FREE ?! The FREE part is for Androids ONLY right now. Unfortunately Apple is asking  far too high a fee for their app at $299/yr. A little pricey especially if like me, your hitting happy hour for free food.

           So far I’ve heard only positive from fans & friends that have downloaded the app. Have you had any experiences with ReverbNations apps ? Have you tried or purchased the ReverbNation app for Apple phones? Do you prefer one over the other? Please tell me about it, then download mine and send me your feedback.

TRY MY APP HERE for Androids !


Keep On Rockin’,

:Deborah ♪


About Deborah Magone

Professional Musician / Singer / Songwriter, Grammy/BMI/AFM Local 66/ SAG-AFTRA - Winner Producer's Choice Award for "Best Female Rock Performer 2012" - 21st Los Angeles Music Awards , Owner JoMama Music Publishing "Rock & Kick Your Ass Blues!"©dm , Music Instructor ,Producer, Reiki Practicioner, 6th dan Okinawan Seidokan Karate www.deborahmagone.com View all posts by Deborah Magone

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