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The Voice Auditions: “Its Not About Talent, Its ABout Good TV”

“Call Back Audition for The Voice – What to Expect”
Since I’m headed for The Voice auditions next Saturday in NYC I thought I’d do some research. This is the second video I watched regarding the audition process.
Both participants in the videos I watched today stated that “Its not about talent, its about good TV.” They said that the producers are going not for talent thats already developed, but for potential undeveloped, lets watch ’em blossom before our eyes on tv kind of talent.
Now I don’t usually watch the tv show but after watching a few episodes, I heard some bad notes from the participants during their first appearance on the tv show. I was a bit stunned, then I realized, ahhhh, its about their development during the run of the show. Watching a few videos today of those who auditioned has now confirmed it for me.
SO the question is, whats my purpose? I’m also an actress. I can go on there and pretend a bit, sing not so good? Whaddya think?
Naah, just kidding. I’ll be myself, I promise. If thats what the show is really about, then its all about the journey for me. Its all about hanging with hundreds of other singers and/or “would be” singers, meeting new people like me, who spend their lives expressing themselves because it feels good & makes others feel good too.
Besides, NYC is always a fun place to visit. We’ll be connecting with family there and in New Jersey AND I’ll be doing a fun radio interview on Long Island with the crazy guys at The Real Radio Show. So as it turns out my purpose is multi-facted… get the hell out of the house, take the show on the road, and have a great time doing it !


An Update on the GripGo

Ok , a few weeks have gone by since I wrote abt the GripGo. It is no longer sticking for me. Even after washing it , it no longer holds up my BlackBerry Z10 phone. I’m thinking about recycling it by creating some sort of holder or pocket that attaches to the sides of it so not all is lost, but I’m not happy about it.


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