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Recording Session in LA Going Well!


Its been a “Rock and Kick Your Ass..” weekend at Wired Studios recording vocal tracks for Black Pearl.  Songs written by Tommy Morrison , Eric Stevens and others, a wonderful collaborative effort. Eric, Tommy (engineer, producer, musicians & writers) & I worked on cranking out lead vocals on 9 tunes in 6 hrs on the first day. Yesterday, the 2nd day we worked on harmonies for a few hours, but between jet lag and vocal rest we took it easy.  Today we finish up 3 songs with harmonies and a little slide guitar, my first time recording in an open C tuning. Why the rush you ask? We have a January radio marketing deadline. So stay tuned :). It’s also hard for me to be away from family for too long a stretch, however the January deadline is the main reason.

The plane ride from Rochester was a bit scary at first. We were in a small prop plane. Ok, I let you in on something. A fear that I still acknowledge once in a while is ,flying in a small prop plane IN THE WINTER !! Hate it. I mean what musician hasn’t heard the old stories? Did I mention it was also an  OLD prop plane?! …with a flight attendant that did not look well!!  I mean for real , sweating, eyelids drooping!   I did my best protection prayer ever, TWICE, just to be sure and then settled in to meditate on my managers phone that accidentally got left behind in the Rochester, NY airport. I visualized someone finding it and it being safe. When we got to Philly, she called the airport and it had been rescued Thank Goodness.

We flew in to LA from Philly on what I’m now calling the ” Jingle Ball express.” The plane from Philly to LA was filled with musicians on their way to Jingle Ball which took place across the street from the Grammy nominations apparently.

It was definitely fun not being the only band or musician on the plane for once. LOL!  I watched in fascination while the others went through the check in process, all with different reactions when the attendants tried to make them check their guitars. Then again as they dealt with the other passengers trying to put their carry ons on top of their guitars in the overhead compartment. One passenger came very close to getting slugged by one guitarist. I actually did accidentally elbow the same passenger in the head on my way into the seat behind him, but it was totally an accident I swear! Looking back there were some very tense artists on that plane.

Now that I think of it, I should’ve attempted a sing along, ya think?! How cool might that’ve been? LOL, Blasted hind sight!  The flight was pretty quiet and boring overall. Even the pilot refused to let us know where the hell we were as we flew over the Grand Canyon! That was a first for me.

Due to being pretty wiped out last night I crashed early and woke up reeeeally early this morning. the positive side is that it gave me some time to catch up here on my blog. Sorry its been a while. There’s so much happening, and its all GoooooD !

Musically Yours,

Deborah ❤


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