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Songwriters Condemn US Copyright Law Proposals

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If you’re serious about hanging out with musicians that are serious about making music and making waves with their music , you may want to consider hanging out at .  I’m not keen on awards like many an artist, but it’s great to be a part of a group thats as maniacal as you are about writing, performing and producing, etc.

The awards can be very purposeful “rewards” in getting your music to go global. So if your goal is to get your music heard and/or get awards, is another great avenue. I’m finding its one of the more fun avenues because there are so many friends to keep you company along the journey. The folks who hang out at are friendly, sociable, talented, tenacious, creative, wonderful, and verrry helpful I’ve found , to newbies. 

I’ve made a few lifelong friends who have become a part of my current musical journey and I’m very grateful!

Thanks Grammy365 community YOU ROCK !!


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