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Alice Herz-Sommer 110yrs Young , An Inspiring Musician !

I just had to post this story about an amazing Womyn, a concert pianist , who despite concentration camps and losing loved ones during a time of war, lived to be 110yrs old and still playing piano beautifully!  Her attitude and her thoughts are what gave her quality of life. This documentary inspired and made me smile.

Alice Herz-Sommer



♫ Randi Rhodes

She tells you whats happening in our world before the world even knows what hit them! How? Courage !

♫ Randi Rhodes.

Number One Music A Scam ?


Photo by D.Magone ©2010

I was doing some random reading because my red flags went up about N1Music. My friend had posted a new project there that we collaborated on and was telling me about all the new listens and comments. Being a Virgo realist with some Libra influence, I thought that was either really awesome or some trickery. My reading lead me to this reasonably thought out blogpost. Check the comment section of this post after reading, to see others who had similar experiences .

Thanks for posting dynamics plus !

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