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Like It Or Not, It’s A Business!

To be a monetarily successful musician you do NOT have to BE a business person, but you do have to understand that it IS a business !

Be on time. Be professional at ALL times in all ways. Have a great work ethic. Be FLEXIBLE.  If you’re doing a work for hire (and I’m talking to producers here as well) you must be a part of the team, open to suggestion. Have a healthy lifestyle to ensure quality work.

Best Wishes For Success!




Is Love All We Creatives Need?

  1. I wanted to share my comment to an article posted about the “meaning of life” in relation to a musicians finding success. The author thought that to say that life is meaningless (in order to free ones mind, think of it as a blank slate to release fears and create) would be useful). I think it can be as well, IF you already have the confidence needed to wield the chalk to fill that slate.

“Using both sides of my brain pretty equally causes me to look at things a bit differently than many. I truly believe that to say Life has no inherent meaning (its a blank slate) can be a depressing thought for some of us, even when we know you didn’t mean it that way. I’ve always been of the non-denominational belief that Love is the basis for our being here.  First, self- love, the kind we’re born with, if nurtured helps create the confidence to :


Make good CHOICES

Organize our TIME well, all of the above listed in the article ,etc.

Once we know how to love and take care of ourselves, we can create with less angst. Then we can turn it outward knowing how to fearlessly market ourselves,and treat/approach others with respect and intelligence i.e. venue owners (that every musician loves to hate), record labels (they all fear), agents & other musicians (Oy ! The anger that so many musicians have).
I’ve noticed one thing in common with most successful musicians; their self-love ( confidence in self). For so many of us (me included, still self analyzing but moving forward) its very difficult to rise and create successfully because we’ve been told growing up that self-love is selfish. We’ve been taught to be afraid and told we weren’t good enough. I think you get my drift.
SO, I see LOVE as the bottom line really important missing link for many of us creatives. The starting point for me would be “Life is Love.” Speaking from decades of experience myself, without it , the other things on the list above are very difficult to achieve. Sounds ethereal but its very real. ” I actually wrote a song about this a while back called “All I Need.”

All I Need


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