Like It Or Not, It’s A Business!

To be a monetarily successful musician you do NOT have to BE a business person, but you do have to understand that it IS a business !

Be on time. Be professional at ALL times in all ways. Have a great work ethic. Be FLEXIBLE.  If you’re doing a work for hire (and I’m talking to producers here as well) you must be a part of the team, open to suggestion. Have a healthy lifestyle to ensure quality work.

Best Wishes For Success!




About Deborah Magone

Professional Musician / Singer / Songwriter, Grammy/BMI/AFM Local 66/ SAG-AFTRA - Winner Producer's Choice Award for "Best Female Rock Performer 2012" - 21st Los Angeles Music Awards , Owner JoMama Music Publishing "Rock & Kick Your Ass Blues!"©dm , Music Instructor ,Producer, Reiki Practicioner, 6th dan Okinawan Seidokan Karate View all posts by Deborah Magone

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