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Happy Rockin’ New Year 2015 !! Let’s put the solos back in to the songs !


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It’s a new year, a new excitement, new goals, new resolutions, and creative ideas to implement , but we’re still listening to the same ‘ole songs. Are you old enough to remember when you could listen to the first two measures of a song on the radio and you’d know who the band or artist was?

Each act had its own sound, its own energy, its own creative stylized instrumental riffs, think ” Layla! ” Now, most songs on commercial radio (excepting classic rock stations of course) sound like they’re fresh out of a Disney movie, same structure, same voice, same sound, same beat, AND to many musicians dismay, they’ve removed the instrument solos!!

Now as many of us already now, certain musical tones have a certain affect on our brain neurons for good or bad. The sound goes in your ear and stimulates the cilia (tiny hairs) in your cochlea. Each hair is connected to a different emotional response in your nervous system! Think about how different songs arouse different feelings. When you remove instruments and pleasing melodies from the music or song arrangement, well, less positive neural stimulation. Listening to the same elements over and over limits your growth. It’s like a skip in the cd, one song over and over, having one book in your library. There’s no growth, and declining creative musicianship.

” The brain grows in response to musical training in the way a muscle responds to exercise.
Using a PET scanner to monitor changes in neural activity, neuroscientists at McGill University discovered that the part of the brain activated by music is dependent on whether or not the music is pleasant or dissonant. Harmony, melody and rhythm invoke distinct patterns of brain activity. ”

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Even better, pick up an instrument and learn to play!
“Learning to play a musical instrument can have a beneficial effect on your brain.”

I’m hoping one day soon the musical pendulum will swing back and reintroduce instrumental solos back in to commercial music again. As consumers lets demand it ! Support artists who are implementing instrument solos in their work !


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