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Booking Your Band or Solo Act? Do your research first!

Its really hard booking a band . It’s a numbers game. The more calls you make the better your chances. After a while though, you might get so frustrated that you’ll jump at the first time someone shows interest. STOP! Do you have your list of questions handy? Did you research the venue before calling to be sure you’d be a good fit? This may be basic to some of us who’ve been booking for a while, however thanks to the web, there are now sites with reviews that can help you get quick answers in vetting venues.

I liked this article. It speaks for itself and illustrates a few important questions to ask, things to look for, and sites to help you with your research.

Remember to check out the club clientele, ask about the age of the customers. If sharing a gig, be sure to find out the age of the other bands following.

Check the past and present event calendar or videos on the site to see the usual roster. We were booked in a club by the manager who said he listened to our cd. I watched some videos on the site and felt uneasy, but thought “Hey, he heard the cd.” My intuition turned out to be right. We were not expected, nor appreciated. We were asked to finish early,  and a long way from home. Thank goodness all expenses were paid by the venue.

Happy hunting !!




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