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Regent Cashin of New York Speaks Out Against High-Stakes Testing

They are trying to remove music and most arts and sciences from our public schools with an agenda of dumbing down and opening for profit, unaccountable charter schools. Parents, children and administrators are taking to the streets an taking back our schools!

Regent Cashin of New York Speaks Out Against High-Stakes Testing.


TIDAL ! Artists Helping Other Artists to Get PAID for Streaming!

As songwriters and performing artists, what do you think about the new ARTIST OWNED TIDAL Music Streaming service ? Has anyone signed on and tried it or had their music accepted for airplay yet?

“There’s not going to be a massive free tier that dilutes the value of music. We’re not here to wage war, or try and steal subscribers from other streaming services. What we’re here to do is change the conversation about the value of music.” 

I’m very excited about Artists creating a space for other Artists to get airplay and receive payment for their work ! Now my question would be:

Will unknown Indie music have a place on Tidal ? I haven’t investigated yet, but will be soon. Hoping for the best !



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