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Do You Use a Webcam cover?

A few years back I decided to take a few college classes and one of them was web design and writing html. During the creation of my first site I had to go thru a security page and ok certain things in order to proceed with uploading etc.

Part of what I read in the security “permissions” alluded to 3rd parties using my computer camera! MY camera?!!  I was shocked. I’d never read or heard such a thing, only wondered ” If”.  The next day I asked my professor about this, as well as numerous young techies in the class and elsewhere. No one, not even the professor at this extremely high tech college seemed to know anything! Thats when I started covering my webcam with anything I could find, tape and paper, a dishtowel , sticky notes,and telling everyone I knew.

A few years after my discovery, someone in Germany finally broke the news nationally, that our computer web cams were hackable, and being used to spy on us! It’s called “ratting” . All the time we’d been looking at the screen, someone has been looking back at us. Creepy….

Well, I just realized that the whole time I’ve been using a piece of heart shaped, post it sticky notes, from a heart shaped hole puncher,  web cam covers have been on the market! Where have I been? My husband brought this home from a convention in Vegas last week . A Lacie web cam sliding cover. So I thought I’d share. Its pretty cool. A sliding cover, opens and closes as needed, vs “peeling off” my sticky note when I needed to Skype.



Lacie computer camera block

You can find more here.

They’re not as cute as my heart shaped yellow sticky notes , but I’m sure more colorful fancy covers will be on the market soon, if not already. 🙂 Whatever your pleasure, turn off your computer ,or cover your webcam (and your phone!)when you’re not using it , or someone else will, ….use it , that is !





Updates and All That !

Spring is finally here in Upstate NY. The warm temps will be returning starting tomorrow. So many new beginnings I’ll just jump right in.

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here for various personal reasons. Reasons that have now come to an end. Almost like reading a good action adventure book, movie, or drama, during which, you  never realized the time passing, until you arrive at the last scene or page, and you long for a sequel.  It’s been a good 23 years, since I’ve been without someone to be responsible for besides myself. My life has been very full so far, with more yet to come of course.

My kids are now grown and leaving the nest. We homeschooled for 12 years and are very tight, so this is drama for me. My Dad passed last month. He lived with us and I cared for him 24/7 , for 10yrs. We were very close.




Dad-military photo copy


During all this, for all those years, I also ran 2 small businesses and smaller ones on the side. I ran a karate dojo in Santa Monica, California, a music business, gave readings, and made jewelry. I’ve taught literally thousands of people, men, womyn, and children, karate and music over the decades in Los Angeles and Upstate NY . The last 10 yrs were especially hectic & dramatic . But now they feel like just a blip on the Universal radar, a great read and I’m in search of the sequel.

Life has been described as a “circle”. Somehow I never felt a soft gliding curve. To me it’s felt more like a square, or rhombus at best. Every 10 yrs theres a major shift that feels like a right angle at worst, dramatic, quick unexpected turn, or a 45 degree angle , not so dramatic, at best. Life moves forward, and I guess, sometimes that “circle” becomes more evident when we turn back to find things or parts of ourselves that we’ve lost or forgotten. And so I’ve returned to teaching more full time again.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed helping others to bring out their own special strengths and gifts.  It seemed to be a natural progression, I began at the same time , or even before this most recent major shift occurred , as if knowing it was coming. It made this transition a gentler one to be sure. I still continue performing, creating, even writing book, …but a major part of this transition is that I’m now choosing gigs, and projects that truly bring me joy!

“You move forward because you have to. Life doesn’t stand still. It makes you move on until you want to move on, you know? It’ll run you over if you don’t move.” 
― Darian WilkReinventing Claire

Music is important to human survival. SO teaching it is vital. My gratitude to all of you who teach anything, and to those of you who have the courage to learn ! SO, I got this here recognition award for teaching as of late and felt I had to share. The Universe seems to let you know when things are in alignment, or “vibrating at the right frequency” (current hip self-help phrase). 🙂

Thumbtack Best of 2016

What makes each day good or bad is not just our thoughts but, the steps we take which is influenced by our thoughts to obtain what is good or bad. Think of a new day; think of a distinctive footprint” 
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

There’s also a new SONG and PRESS RELEASE  :

LISTEN to ” You Got Me Wonderin’ “at


….and a Friend treated me to a Diana Ross concert this past week!


photo by DMagone ©2016 all rights reserved

Diana in her 70’s now, moving forward with grace, courage, and dignity!

“This is life. Things get taken away. You will learn to start over many times — or you will be useless.” 
― Mitch AlbomThe Magic Strings of Frankie Presto

Today is the first day of the rest of my life ! I will continue with passion and purpose.


Health, Wealth, and Happiness,

Deborah ❤

P.S.. Be on the lookout for my new radio show in May on Rochester Free Radio! Untried, untested, and never before even attempted…. Oh my!

All text, & photos on this blog, unless otherwise credited, are property of DMagone © 2016




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