Updates and All That !

Spring is finally here in Upstate NY. The warm temps will be returning starting tomorrow. So many new beginnings I’ll just jump right in.

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here for various personal reasons. Reasons that have now come to an end. Almost like reading a good action adventure book, movie, or drama, during which, you  never realized the time passing, until you arrive at the last scene or page, and you long for a sequel.  It’s been a good 23 years, since I’ve been without someone to be responsible for besides myself. My life has been very full so far, with more yet to come of course.

My kids are now grown and leaving the nest. We homeschooled for 12 years and are very tight, so this is drama for me. My Dad passed last month. He lived with us and I cared for him 24/7 , for 10yrs. We were very close.




Dad-military photo copy


During all this, for all those years, I also ran 2 small businesses and smaller ones on the side. I ran a karate dojo in Santa Monica, California, a music business, gave readings, and made jewelry. I’ve taught literally thousands of people, men, womyn, and children, karate and music over the decades in Los Angeles and Upstate NY . The last 10 yrs were especially hectic & dramatic . But now they feel like just a blip on the Universal radar, a great read and I’m in search of the sequel.

Life has been described as a “circle”. Somehow I never felt a soft gliding curve. To me it’s felt more like a square, or rhombus at best. Every 10 yrs theres a major shift that feels like a right angle at worst, dramatic, quick unexpected turn, or a 45 degree angle , not so dramatic, at best. Life moves forward, and I guess, sometimes that “circle” becomes more evident when we turn back to find things or parts of ourselves that we’ve lost or forgotten. And so I’ve returned to teaching more full time again.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed helping others to bring out their own special strengths and gifts.  It seemed to be a natural progression, I began at the same time , or even before this most recent major shift occurred , as if knowing it was coming. It made this transition a gentler one to be sure. I still continue performing, creating, even writing book, …but a major part of this transition is that I’m now choosing gigs, and projects that truly bring me joy!

“You move forward because you have to. Life doesn’t stand still. It makes you move on until you want to move on, you know? It’ll run you over if you don’t move.” 
― Darian WilkReinventing Claire

Music is important to human survival. SO teaching it is vital. My gratitude to all of you who teach anything, and to those of you who have the courage to learn ! SO, I got this here recognition award for teaching as of late and felt I had to share. The Universe seems to let you know when things are in alignment, or “vibrating at the right frequency” (current hip self-help phrase). 🙂

Thumbtack Best of 2016


What makes each day good or bad is not just our thoughts but, the steps we take which is influenced by our thoughts to obtain what is good or bad. Think of a new day; think of a distinctive footprint” 
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

There’s also a new SONG and PRESS RELEASE  :


LISTEN to ” You Got Me Wonderin’ “at  www.deborahmagone.com


….and a Friend treated me to a Diana Ross concert this past week!


photo by DMagone ©2016 all rights reserved

Diana in her 70’s now, moving forward with grace, courage, and dignity!

“This is life. Things get taken away. You will learn to start over many times — or you will be useless.” 
― Mitch AlbomThe Magic Strings of Frankie Presto

Today is the first day of the rest of my life ! I will continue with passion and purpose.


Health, Wealth, and Happiness,

Deborah ❤

P.S.. Be on the lookout for my new radio show in May on Rochester Free Radio! Untried, untested, and never before even attempted…. Oh my!

All text, & photos on this blog, unless otherwise credited, are property of DMagone © 2016





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2 responses to “Updates and All That !

  • wandhbrooklyn@aol.com

    Dear Deb–You always continue to amaze me, your heart is so grand to the whole world–your personal world and your outer world!! I have noticed at my age, LOL, Life is a circle. Bill and I hope to find a senior apt. in Bill’s child-hood neighborhood which is now the hippest part of Brooklyn and the most expensive. But, we may have a lower income place. Fingers crossed!! We like our local officials and they are very community oriented!! I’m glad our friendship has bloomed and grown. You were such a mature young woman when I met you. You have grown into a more beautiful soul. How lucky is Mark, Marco and Nevasse. Your Dad was so much apart of your life, even before you became his caregiver. I have fond memories of us zooming over to his home on Lime St., where he had hot minestrone soup or home-made pizza–or another of his specialties, he made for us. I remember when I invited you two to pizza on Eagle Street. You had to climb the counter to take the Pizza off the ceiling from my blender accident–LOL!! Glad you are starting the radio program, playing quality gigs and TEACHING, sharing your knowledge and skills. Hugs to you and your immediate and extended family. Love, Helene and Bill

    W.And H. Lleonardi & Co. wandhbrooklyn@aol.com

    • Deborah Magone

      Helene, THANK YOU for this post. Apologies for late response, however, only now am I catching up with my correspondence, from my major life changes this year. An of course no accident that I just now saw this on my Dads Birth/ Reincarnation-day Dec. 12.
      Thanks for sharing Your memories and Your most kind words. I’m honored to have been you’re Friend and Student .
      Yes , a big circle ( We’ll surely do this again I’m feeling! LOL) and hopefully most of US have shared our gifts in some positive way thats benefitted even a small percentage of humankind and create ripples that reach far and wide. Which I do believe most Teacher Souls do. Many Blessings to You and Bill , Helene, especially in your new home in Bills old neighborhood !! Love to You Both ! ❤

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