Do You Use a Webcam cover?

A few years back I decided to take a few college classes and one of them was web design and writing html. During the creation of my first site I had to go thru a security page and ok certain things in order to proceed with uploading etc.

Part of what I read in the security “permissions” alluded to 3rd parties using my computer camera! MY camera?!!  I was shocked. I’d never read or heard such a thing, only wondered ” If”.  The next day I asked my professor about this, as well as numerous young techies in the class and elsewhere. No one, not even the professor at this extremely high tech college seemed to know anything! Thats when I started covering my webcam with anything I could find, tape and paper, a dishtowel , sticky notes,and telling everyone I knew.

A few years after my discovery, someone in Germany finally broke the news nationally, that our computer web cams were hackable, and being used to spy on us! It’s called “ratting” . All the time we’d been looking at the screen, someone has been looking back at us. Creepy….

Well, I just realized that the whole time I’ve been using a piece of heart shaped, post it sticky notes, from a heart shaped hole puncher,  web cam covers have been on the market! Where have I been? My husband brought this home from a convention in Vegas last week . A Lacie web cam sliding cover. So I thought I’d share. Its pretty cool. A sliding cover, opens and closes as needed, vs “peeling off” my sticky note when I needed to Skype.



Lacie computer camera block

You can find more here.

They’re not as cute as my heart shaped yellow sticky notes , but I’m sure more colorful fancy covers will be on the market soon, if not already. 🙂 Whatever your pleasure, turn off your computer ,or cover your webcam (and your phone!)when you’re not using it , or someone else will, ….use it , that is !





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2 responses to “Do You Use a Webcam cover?


    Dear Deb–I never have the camera on–I hate to think…… but I’m always dressed when I’m on the computer. Sorry hackers!!! Thanks a lot!!! Love, Helene

    W.And H. Lleonardi & Co.

    • Deborah Magone

      Stay dressed in front of an open computer Helene! Unfortunately the camera operates whether you think its on or not. People can actually turn it “on” from remote locations without you even knowing about it!
      I have a cover on the camera sight ALWAYS unless I’m Skyping music lessons or readings. Of course you can also use sticky notes, cut up in fun shapes (like a heart 🙂 ) to cover it. They do tend to unstick themselves though after a while. So I have a Lacie cover now, that slides back and forth and sticks very well!

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