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Happy Xmas 2018!

        I recorded this favorite classic holiday song last year.  Here’s a new remix. For some reason I was in a hurry to publish it last year and didn’t put the effort in to a proper mix.  This ones a bit better mix given that its “home made”. Happy Solstice , Hanukaah, Kwanzaa, and may all your Holidays be filled with Peace, Love, and Abundance. If you’re able, please go to Youtube to “Like” this video. Since I replaced the old one , I now have to replace the Likes as well . 🙂

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas“, a song written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane, was introduced by Judy Garland in the 1944 MGM musical Meet Me in St. LouisFrank Sinatra later recorded a version with modified lyrics. In 2007, ASCAP ranked it the third most performed Christmas song during the preceding five years that had been written by ASCAP members.[2] In 2004 it finished at No. 76 in AFI’s 100 Years…100 Songsrankings of the top tunes in American cinema. – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Have_Yourself_a_Merry_Little_Christmas


Recovering Garage Band Files !

Thanks to this wonderful post for helping me find my Garage Band files when mine disappeared !


The Voice Auditions: “Its Not About Talent, Its ABout Good TV”

“Call Back Audition for The Voice – What to Expect”
Since I’m headed for The Voice auditions next Saturday in NYC I thought I’d do some research. This is the second video I watched regarding the audition process.
Both participants in the videos I watched today stated that “Its not about talent, its about good TV.” They said that the producers are going not for talent thats already developed, but for potential undeveloped, lets watch ’em blossom before our eyes on tv kind of talent.
Now I don’t usually watch the tv show but after watching a few episodes, I heard some bad notes from the participants during their first appearance on the tv show. I was a bit stunned, then I realized, ahhhh, its about their development during the run of the show. Watching a few videos today of those who auditioned has now confirmed it for me.
SO the question is, whats my purpose? I’m also an actress. I can go on there and pretend a bit, sing not so good? Whaddya think?
Naah, just kidding. I’ll be myself, I promise. If thats what the show is really about, then its all about the journey for me. Its all about hanging with hundreds of other singers and/or “would be” singers, meeting new people like me, who spend their lives expressing themselves because it feels good & makes others feel good too.
Besides, NYC is always a fun place to visit. We’ll be connecting with family there and in New Jersey AND I’ll be doing a fun radio interview on Long Island with the crazy guys at The Real Radio Show. So as it turns out my purpose is multi-facted…..to get the hell out of the house, take the show on the road, and have a great time doing it !

The Boss….

Pretty cool !

The Boss RC-300 Loop Station

Sonicbids Review and New Lesson Learned !

I’ve been using SonicBids for a few years now paying  $10 a month for the subscription. .  Before web savvy booking, promoters wanted hard copy promo packages which would add up to almost $10 a package when you consider postage, ink, paper, cd, photos, nice glossy folders & gas to the post office! So with this  and the price of latte’s in mind, Sonics subscription is not bad at all.

     Unfortunately, I haven’t had much success,… until this year.  Some of the submission fees were too expensive. I’ve come and gone and returned again mostly because maintaining the profile there has some advantages.  Besides having video, photos, press, audio and bio all in one easy to view place, the stage plot has also been of use when booking larger gigs who hire sound companies that must have a stage plot to prepare for you and make the show flow smoothly .  I just easily copy & paste the stage plot page link in my email to the promoter when booking outside of SonicBids.

       Now since 2011 Sonicbids has introduced “Token gigs,”  FREE gig submissions !  This has been a wonderful thing for those of us who are paying members. 10 tokens for basic level members, 25 for supersonic level members. I started using the tokens with a full on commitment only a few months ago and am now beginning to spark interest and some bookings pretty much in concert with my efforts. i.e. when I forget to submit , things slow down.

         I just learned a new & valuable lesson on SonicBids today that I needed to share.  After receiving an update from SonicBids on one of my submissions, I logged on to my submissions page to check other submissions as well.  In the past I’d see the red dot with words “Not Selected” after a particular submission and that was as far as I went. I used to check the “Details” link when rejected in the past, but after a while found no reason to check there because the promoters often use a computer generated generic response. So to save my valuable time I stopped checking.

       Today after looking down my list & seeing that red dot on a previous June submission I decided to check the “Details” link to the right of the submission status out of curiosity, with a bit of intuition nudging me . Well, low and behold to my surprise there was a letter from the promoter/booker saying that they’d prefer to invite us to their Fall festival instead of the gig I submitted for, seemingly because the festival was a better paying & exposure opportunity !! Of course I immediately responded “Yes! ” and included a  “Thank You!” in my short message. This was a lesson for me. From now on I’ll check the “Details” link on EVERY submission response.

       I would like to suggest to the SonicBids crew that promoters responses of this nature somehow get  to the artist in a more direct way, like within the Sonicbids submission notification email sent to the artists.  I’m sure I’m not the first to almost miss a message this way. Now I’m really curious to go over all past rejections to read the “Details” link to see if I’d missed any others.

         All in all I’m enjoying the opportunities SonicBids provides, looking forward to more , and very Thankful to them for the service . Rock On everyone and remember when looking for gigs, look under EVERY rock !!


Crossing Borders North to Play a Gig? Updates on permits.

While many of us have traveled often to play in Canada, others haven’t. While many of us do it legally , others don’t.

On my first trip, as an AFM member & a part time political activist, I made sure to have all the legal permits in place, just in case.  I wanted an attorney at my disposal. During these times of the Patriot Act, when you can be imprisoned for speaking your mind, I thought better to NOT take chances.  (Remind me to tell you about the time I played Attica State Prison & what they found in my guitar case.:)

When I checked in with my Canadian work permit, they had no idea what to do with it. Apparently I was the first in their experience. LOL I had a feeling that would be the case. All went well after a bit of time on their part ,trying to figure it out.  I phoned AFM and a live person answered the phone ready to help. I was very happy about that . It made it worth every penny of the past dues & permit fees I’ve paid.

To inject my 2 cents regarding the laws, some of the permit fees (i.e. for full bands vs solo) are a bit high for us musicians/bands working our way up. They’re made more for the already famous and making the bigger bucks. SO, I understand indie local musicians trying to evade them. However, if you group a few gigs into one time period say within 3 months its not a problem and it helps keep musicians, the unions and living/fair wages at a high standard,  vs allowing pay-to-play sub standard treatment to become the norm. Then no one wins.

Here’s an article abt updates to international labor laws from American Federation of Musicians, ” International Musician Magazine.”

Join your local , get involved and help make the rules musician friendly, so we can continue to build relationships & share music with our global musical family !

In Solidarity,

:Deborah ♫

Hola ! Welcome …

Hola !

Welcome to the “grand publishing” of my new music blog !  I’m so exhausted from trying to figure this new site out that I’ll be taking a break now & posting more tomorrow. Rock-a-bye bye baby, g’nite !


:Deborah ❤

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