THANK YOU for Your Support & Purchases in 2019!

Happy New Year ! I hope Your holidays were whatever You hoped they would Be. Me? I had some time on my hands so I just finished the 10 Day Artist Challenge posting 10 powerful moments from a performance or day in the life of my career as an Artist over 10 days & nominating 10 other artists to keep the promo tree going.

At first I was hesitant. I’m an ambivert. It’s a challenge for me to post pics of myself or my accomplishments, let alone remember the actual task at hand. SO, I looked upon this challenge as a sort of therapy. I’m trying to be more outgoing. I thought that it certainly can only help my marketing efforts. So it was a challenge for me, however it got me thinking of what I’ll call ” The REAL ARTISTS Challenge “. As it turns out I also started preparing my taxes over the holiday so I took a look at my accounting sheets for song purchases & streams for 2019 and WOW, what a wonderful surprise!

A look back of Appreciation and THANK YOU in 2019 to Everyone locally, nationally & globally who supported and purchased indie music & my music in 2019. I was so happy to see my music bringing joy to so many as I was gathering my files for the taxman ! YOU are part of what keeps Artists/ Creators like me inspired and willing to create more.
After THOUSANDS of purchases & streams, my yearly check amounts to approx $13.00.  
Let me explain.  
Digital downloads currently pay approx 00.000054 TO THE ARTIST for each download, a fraction of a PENNY. 🤨 At that price, after thousands of purchases & streams, my yearly check amounts to approx $13.00 , two lattes and maybe a croissant.
So your membership fees to streaming services go mostly to the service owners and the major labels, NOT to the Independent Artist who’s song you purchased . In the coming year I’m hopeful that Grammy lobbying advocates will continue the fight for fair pay. Who You vote for does matter.

So please remember to purchase from the Indie Artist directly whenever possible. If you’re not sure how, just contact the artist and ask. Wishing You ALL A Happy and Prosperous New Year filled with Love and Music! Thank YOU Again, I Appreciate YOU ALL !!
Cheers, Deborah ❤

RIP Eddie…

RIP Eddie….one of my favorite & most memorable gigs. 

 #LilacFestival#EddieMoney#inparadise #Magone
Thank YOU for sharing your gifts with the world. I had the pleasure of opening up for him at the Lilac Festival in Rochester,NY . I think it was May 2015. We hurried our set not to cut in to his time and He scolded me for not taking an encore song because everyone was applauding so much. Thats the sign of a generous artist. 

I feel compelled to add more of the backstory to this photo I posted on FBook. For me it wasn’t just a photo op. I really dislike bothering people during showtime for a photo. Im sometimes too shy about it. In my 40+ years as a professional musician and a Womyn, I’ve run in to all kinds of other “so called” professionals in this business. Usually the norm backstage is people who either make a rude sexual pass, order you around, ignore you completely because they’re insecure around a strong Womyn, or say a kind obligatory “nice job” and thats it, no sincere memorable moments. Eddie Money not only tried to push me back onstage for an encore, but honestly showed interest like a mentor, without inviting me to his trailer later to see his “etchings”. We stood backstage talking while he encouraged me & compared me to other famous female performers and how “they think they’ve got it, but they don’t….You’ve got it!” and “…next time take that encore!”

He was kind and generous to take that time before jumping on stage for his set. I will always remember the secure, confident Man who gained my eternal respect that day! And of course his fans (together with mine) who gave my band and I such a warm welcome! 

How I Recently Repaired My “Old” BlackBerry Priv !

How I Recently Repaired My “Old” BlackBerry Priv !

     I know I have a few readers who use Blackberry phones because I received quite a few Thank You messages after posting how to find the voice recorder on the BB z10 (?) . I’ve been a Blackberry user for almost 2 decades now. Mainly I enjoy the security features, knowing that if top businesses, border patrol, and government officials were using them there must be a good reason. Information is the new coin of the realm and identity theft can cost us dearly. Secondly, I liked the sleek sturdy designs, how it fits in your hand, well constructed.

     I grant you there were some frustrations in the distant past about keeping up with the latest game apps. Which by the way I rarely used, but I was still feeling left out. Then came Blackberry with android capability AND security,…. exclusion  solved.

     Recently, in America, I’ve found that there seems to be some sort of push to keep Blackberry phones out of the hands of ordinary consumers. Carriers just stopped carrying them. 

     I ended up at T-Mobile a few years ago because they were the only carrier left selling BlackBerrys. I bought a Priv and signed up for insurance to go with my BB Priv because they said they would replace my phone with the exact phone should something happen to it.

      Well recently the port on my phone stopped working properly making it difficult to charge and the battery was getting old, not holding a charge for very long.. I had only finished my monthly payments for the phone last year so I wasn’t about to get a new one.  

        I went to the T-Mobile store and they looked at me like a rare bird. Not only did they NOT carry BlackBerrys anymore, but one of the cocky male employees said “they don’t make them anymore”, no one’s using them and we can’t fix that!  Haha ! And oh by the way , “we can get you an LG 5G replacement” for $5 in 2 days. “Wow, your Blackberry is in such great shape!”

    Granted Privs aren’t being made anymore , however I tactfully told him to look on for proof the company is alive and well, then I asked for any referrals to a repair shop.   After visiting, calling and getting turned down by 3 local phone/computer “fix it” stores here in Upstate NY, I decided to google “Blackberry repair near me”.

     I found a shop right across the border in Mississauga, Canada a little under 3 hours away. A route I’ve traveled frequently during my life to visit family, friends and gig venues. Its called KMaster phone repair.

         I emailed and received an immediate response, unlike one of the local shops I tried to contact here. The price was reasonable, again, unlike the local shop that didn’t respond quickly here, who later responded with an estimate hundreds of dollars more. So needing my phone for business, I decided to hit the road asap.

     It was a beautiful drive thru UpstateNY on my way to Canada. I had lunch with my Aunt & Uncle in Mississauga while my phone was being repaired. The service was fast, friendly, & inexpensive. The exchange rate that day was also very helpful toward the repair cost!  I had stopped at the Exchange Bank right at the border.

     My BB Priv phone is back to its original “normal” working order, saved from the phone heap for a few more years. I will be canceling my phone insurance with T-Mobile bringing my monthly phone bill down.

      The down side was minimal. 3 traffic jams in Canada extended my driving time about an hour. Then on the way back thru the border I was picked for a “random” car search! I hadn’t had my car searched crossing the border in 40 yrs. when my girlfriend tried to joke with border patrol. NEVER joke with border patrol!

       I pulled over my car and was sent to sit inside the steel looking lobby of a cold steel looking building , and asked to sit on a cold steel bench. No one else there but the guard behind the counter wearing a bullet proof vest and me, a 59 yr old Womyn wearing a shawl , driving a Volvo station wagon. Was it really random or had they been listening to my radio show recently? OR did they think it was the ultimate unassuming “granny” disguise? Was I smiling a bit too much? 

    I started to text my husband that I was being held and to get the lawyers number on speed dial,” I have an apple in the car and might get arrested!”, when I got yelled at “ NO cell phone use allowed in here Ma’am”.  Damn… there was an awesome selfie photo op. Should’a done that before trying to text.

     Well, they let the apple pass. They must’ve seen my karate gi and very old worn out black belt  in the backseat, and thought interesting thoughts. Thought bubble: “Hmmnn, Volvo, Blackberry, worn karate gi/ blackbelt…. must work for the government.”

“Blackberry is trusted by thousands of companies and governments around the world to securely enable business on mobile.” – A quote from

All’s well that ended well, except for that last traffic jam on the way home and my husband calling to see if I got out of steel containment only to let me know there was a poor unfortunate dead deer in the pool to help deal with when I got home.

     I wanted to post the Canadian shop so you can be inspired to support them or even just think outside the box (and the country) to get your favorite BlackBerry fixed.  They’re a worthwhile investment. You can also ship by mail if you can’t make the drive.

   On the positive side of things, lots of people use Blackberry in Canada so we’re in good company. Also Blackberry has begun to make a comeback in America . Some carriers are selling them to businesses only right now. Hopefully soon to consumers again. 

“The Dirty Dozen Original Music Showcase” Benefit April 7th in Rochester,NY !

I’ll be stepping out with my new amazingly talented posse for the first time in 3 yrs after the passing of my Dad and other life changes. This will be our first gig to get warmed up, so we chose a benefit for Veterans and local families in crisis here in Rochester, NY. This will be an original music gig with 11 other talented original acts from Rochester NY hope you can come ! We’ll be following up soon after with bookings for the !

We’re very exciting to play a city near you !

Loew’s Rochester Theater, Rochester, NY – February 13, 1931

A New Musical Posse 2019

Finally back on track after a long hiatus, and ready to bust out in a few months. Rehearsals are going great . We’re working on 2 projects. A Bonnie Raitt Tribute Band (yes I’ll be playing slide and using a Strat too! lol #LesPaulWomyn ) and original music as well!

Trying to work on that Bonnie sound. I found a vintage Boss CS2 compressor . It arrives next Monday. Can’t wait to try it out for that sustain. Right now my Strat is a lightly modified (pic guard to reflect BR’s sunburst Strat ) SRV issue. So now, I’m looking for an affordable American Strat to turn in to a “Brownie” copy. If you see one please LMK !

Hoping all your musical dreams are coming true for YOU, Stay tuned we should be out sometime in April 2019!


Deborah, Troy, Marco, Ben, & Collin

Happy Xmas 2018!

        I recorded this favorite classic holiday song last year.  Here’s a new remix. For some reason I was in a hurry to publish it last year and didn’t put the effort in to a proper mix.  This ones a bit better mix given that its “home made”. Happy Solstice , Hanukaah, Kwanzaa, and may all your Holidays be filled with Peace, Love, and Abundance. If you’re able, please go to Youtube to “Like” this video. Since I replaced the old one , I now have to replace the Likes as well . 🙂

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas“, a song written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane, was introduced by Judy Garland in the 1944 MGM musical Meet Me in St. LouisFrank Sinatra later recorded a version with modified lyrics. In 2007, ASCAP ranked it the third most performed Christmas song during the preceding five years that had been written by ASCAP members.[2] In 2004 it finished at No. 76 in AFI’s 100 Years…100 Songsrankings of the top tunes in American cinema. – Wikipedia

ALL in ALL #81


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In commemoration of the 1st anniversary of the amazing Womyns March ! My interviews w/ 3 PROFESSIONAL , INSPRING & SUCCESSFUL WOMYN , following their PASSIONS & providing a needed service to their communities both locally & globally!

– ANNE ROOS #Grammy winning harpist & author of “THE MUSICIANS GUIDE TO BRIDES” a book for MUSICIANS who want to make a living or part time income, playing weddings & how its not like a regular gig!

– NANCY HALLIGAN who teaches musicians & music venue owners how to use digital strategies & platforms to promote their music & shows for more SUCCESS.

– CHERYL KATES BENMAN – EDITOR IN CHIEF of An awesome local & NOW GLOBAL premiere women publication out of ROCHESTER NY, that’s a wonderful asset to our community here in ROCHESTER empowering & nourishing women to grow both Personally & Professionaly.

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Steve Goodhue & Mike Steffen – The Love Story of Johnny Regless
Pink – Perfect

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